Indreshwar Temple

Sitatuated at the Confluence of three rivar on the Dist.Bhanvad Khambhalia road, the Ancient Indreshwar temple has became the center of attraction as a tourist destination due to its Triveni Sangam. The cremation located at this Place is known as awake cremation. The lake huge namely Indreshwar lake enhances the beauty of the place.

At Triveni sangam two rivers that is Vartu river and Falku river mreges into Vartu river. At this point the Indreshwar Mahadev Temple is located.

Situated on Triveni sangam ghat where Pandavas did Pooja of lord shiva during their exile. Have a lot of bathing points for taking holy dip in the Triveni sangam. Beautiful garden with good seating arrangements for pilgrims and children to play.

During the month of Shravan every year there is an organzation of fair at Triveni sangam premises of Indreshwar Mahadev temple of Bhanvad. There is only one bridge to come to the fair, so people have urged to follow the instructions of police and volunteer and maintain safety.

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    Indreshwar Mahadev Temple
  • Indreshwar Mahadev Temple Bhanvad
    Indreshwar Mahadev Premises
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How to Reach:

By Air

By landing at Jamnagar or Porbandar airport, one can travel by road to Indreshwar Temple by road.

By Train

Arriving at Bhanvad railway station we can reach to Indreshwar temple by road, travelling 7km by road.

By Road

By Porbandar travelling 45 km via Bakharla, by Jamnagar travelling 95km via Khambhaliya.