Guru Govindsinh’s most lovable brother Mohakamsinhji’s homeland is in Bet Dwarka. This gurdwara is constructed on his karmabhumima. In 1999, the Gujarat government had held recall travel from Gujarat to Punjab. At the time of Sikh religion’s Khalsa sect tercentenary festival Many events were held throughout the state. From this way, Bet Dwarka includes Many Shrines (Dharamsthals) like Hindu’s Dwarkadhis temple, Vaishanav’s Hanuman temple, Muslim’s Hajipir and Kirmani and Sikh’s Mohkamji’s Gurudwara.

It is the birth place of Bhai Mohkam Singh, one of the Panj piaras of Guru Gobind Singh. Guru Nanak has also visited this place. You reach this island through a ferry from Okha Gujarat. It is a huge Gurdwara with good arrangements for free food in Langar (community kitchen) and free accommodation for pilgrims and visitor. Annual fair in the memory of Bhai Mohkam Singh is held in the month of March which is attended by a large number of devotees from all places of Gujrat and Punjab. It is a worth visiting place.

This gurudwara is dedicated to Bhai Mohan jee as It is the birth place of Bhai Mohankam jee. Gurunanak jee has also visited the holy Land of Dwarka while commuting to Baghdad. It is somewhat far from the main bet Dwarka temple. Gurudwara premises is very much neat and clean.

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    Gurudwara Temple

How to Reach:

By Air

By landing at Jamnagar airport and by travelling NH 947 from that taking seaways of 2 km.

By Train

By arriving at Okha railway station from that taking seaways of 2 km one can reach to Gurudwara.

By Road

By traveling NH 947 to Okha from that taking seaways of 2 km.