At Bhanvad Ghumali Village, there is a ancient temple called Navlakaha. This Ghumali village was known as Bhumilika or Bhubhutapalli in ancient times. This is called Navlakho because behind its designing and architectural spent costliness.

Ghumli is also called Bhumli, was once the ancient capital of Jethwa dynasty of Gujarat. The town was established in 7th Century AD by Jethwa Sal Kumar.

Ghumli was declared as second Capital by Jethwa dynasty, in 1220 by Rana Shiyaji, who took the title of Rana Of Ghumli and shifted capital from Shrinagar

Ghumli remained their Capital till 1313, when Rana Bhanji Jethwa, was defeated at a war, he fled Ghumli & shifted to Ranpur. It is said that Ghumli was destroyed due to curse of a Sati named Son with whom Rana Bhanji Jethwa fell in love.

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  • Navlakha
    Navlakha Temple

How to Reach:

By Air

By landing Jamnagar airport from that travelling 85 km via Lalpur, by landing Porbandar airport from that travelling 48 km via Ranavav.

By Train

By arriving at Bhanvad station and travelling 8 km by road.

By Road

From Jamnagar taking Lalpur road, from Porbandar taking Ranavav road can be reached directly to Ghumli