Gayatri Shaktipith

Since 1983, Shri Gayatri Shaktipeeth is the only temple of Gayatri Mata in Dwarka. One dharamsala is also associated to facilitate religious pilgrims. The devotees come here with great reverence for worshiping Maa Gayatri, and The temple is a very special gathering point for the Gayatri Family during Dham yatra. At least once a year, the Annakut is organized on the foundation day of the temple.

Shaktipeeths are a very important in context to the pilgrimage for Hindus. These sites hold a mythological importance for the Hindus. It is given in the Hindu mythological texts that Lord Brahma, the creator of the whole universe performed a yajna and asked lady Shakti to help him in creation of the whole universe and lady Shakti from the lord Shiva and helped him in creating the whole universe. It was decided that lady Shakti would be born in human form and take place by lord Shiva’s side as his wife to help him in his role of running this universe efficiently. Lord Brahma’s son performed a yajna to get lady Shakti as his daughter and it was already decided that lady Sati who was lady Shakti in human form would be wed to lord Shiva. But because lord Brahma’s fifth head was cut off by lord Shiva’s curse due to his lie, Daksha who was lord Brahma’s son hated lord Shiva and didn’t want his daughter lady Sati to be wed to him but lady Sati saw lord Shiva and fell in love with him and as result was married to him.

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  • Gayatri Shaktipith Dwarka
    Gayatri Shaktipith

How to Reach:

By Air

Nearest airport is at Jamnagar and Porbandar. From these places by road or by rail can be traveled to Gayatri Shaktipith.

By Train

Dwarka city has Dwarka railway station. From the railway station Gayatri Shaktipith is about 2 km away can be reached by road.

By Road

NH-947 directly takes to Dwarka city.