Bet Dwarka - Dandi Hanuman

Five kilometers east of the Beyt Dwarka main Sri Krishna temple there is a magnificent and unique temple for Lord Hanuman. It is more popularly known as Dandi Hanuman Temple. How this temple is unique is more interesting. To know how unique the temple is, let us take a brief stroll into the mythological lanes of Ramayana. While there are many version about Ahi Ravan, Mahi Ravan and Makaradwaj the following descriptions of Sri Ahi Ravan and Mahi Ravan is unique to the Maharashtra Bajanasampradhaya especially followers of Sri Aanantha Dhanaya Deva.

One can see a club placed between them. It seems there is no need for the club here. Sri Hanuman in relaxed and joyous mood, Sri Makaradwaj is also seen enjoying what he is doing and relaxed. There is no club or any other weapon in the hands of these two. In Gujarat the joyous mood, merry and melancholy are expressed with ‘Dandi’. It is no wonder that this temple where Sri Hanuman and Sri Makaradwaj are virajman is called ‘Dandi Hanuman’, meaning joyous Hanuman.

Photo Gallery

  • Dhuna Beyt Dwarka
    84 Dhuna Beyt Dwarka
  • Hanuman Dandi Beyt Dwarka
    Hanuman Dandi Temple

How to Reach:

By Air

By landing at Jamnagar airport and from there by travelling NH 947 upto Okha, from there by taking water ways of 2.1 km one can reach Beyt Dwarka.

By Train

By arriving at Okha railway station travelling to Jetty port and from there travelling in Ferry of 2.1 km distance one can reach at Beyt Dwarka.

By Road

By road ways we can reach Okha by road, from there taking Ferry one can reach to Beyt Dwarka