Land Records

Land records are being maintained for various purposes including levy and collection of various taxes and land revenue, which was the principal source of revenue for the states. Cadastral survey was completed in the year 1960 for the entire state. This survey served as the basis of the land records. Transfer and changeover take place over lands due to Sale, Inheritance, Hier, and Distribution etc..

Changeovers / Mutations are brought in records by way of updating the land records by computerized web application – Web-Bhulekh at EDhara Centre of all Mamlatdar Offices. Record of Rights – ROR copy is also available at EGram Centre of each village and EDhara Centre of Mamlatdar Office.

Online information of ROR, Mutation Entry Status is available at –

Mutation form is available at –


E-Dhara Center

Location : Mamlatdar Office | City : concern Taluka